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About us

Selection of reliable and responsible educational company is a crucial issue for foreign citizens who want to study in Ukraine. Company “The world of education” is the official representative of a number of Ukrainian universities, academies, institutes. We provide to our customers the best opportunities for receiving of quality and reputable higher and postgraduate education of European quality in Ukraine that would guarantee the professional success in any world country. We provide our customers with complete information on educational process and specialties, arrange the process of assessment and submission of documents, guarantee the admission of applicant to selected educational institution.

Company “The world of education” is officially registered by Ukrainian state center for international education that is the organization department of the Ministry of education and science of Ukraine and its official representative in issues of study of foreigners in Ukraine.

Nowadays our company is a professional team of young, goal-oriented, active fellow-thinkers who know everything about receiving of quality education.


Why should I choose “The world of education” among other similar companies offering the same services?


Personal contact. Employees of the company “The world of education” have first-hand knowledge of education in Ukraine. Our professionals made the same way they offer to applicants. If you have any questions you can receive the overall answer in your native language quickly and efficiently.

Reliable partners. Effective cooperation with educational institutions of Ukraine is confirmed by long-term experience.

Efficient response. We select the educational program individually for every customer with due regard to customer’s wishes, requirements and financial possibilities in the shortest possible time.

Relevance. All offered educational program are up-to-date and current. Employees of the company “The world of education” work continuously at the extension of the offer of educational services, take into account updates, analyze them with due regard to possible changes in future and offer exclusively the best programs on the base of this analysis selected for every customer individually.

Official partnership with leading higher educational institutions, work with students throughout Ukraine and representative offices abroad.

We provide the full range of services for foreign students:

  • initial consultation on selection of educational programs and universities for study;
  • recommendations on acceptance for study and requirements to applicants;
  • assistance in preparation for admission to best higher educational institutions of Ukraine;
  • execution of the offer of a place and visa support;
  • arrangement of arrival to Ukraine;
  • meet and transfer to university;
  • support of students and consulting services for the entire period of study in Ukraine.

Nowadays more than 63 thousands of foreign students acquire higher education in Ukraine. This number rises year by year. More and more young people from every corner of the world choose Ukrainian universities and European educational standards in Ukraine for receiving of quality higher and postgraduate education.


  • Ukrainian company officially registered by Ukrainian state center for international education under the Ministry of education and science of Ukraine;
  • traditions of European educational and consultation centers;
  • our employees work in the field of international education more than 10 years;
  • cooperation with the best higher educational institutions of Ukraine;
  • provision of professional services: with the aid of our company hundreds of students throughout Ukraine study successfully or completed the course of their education at the best universities of Ukraine.

Our mission is to provide present-day and quality services in the field of higher education in accordance with international standards, to render assistance to foreign students in solution of every problem, to help and to guide them, to offer them best opportunities for receiving of education of international quality.

The admission of students is carried out on a year-round basis.

We invite foreign citizens who want to realize their dreams and to acquire education of European quality in Ukraine!