World Education Center | Ukrainian State University of Chemical Technology
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Ukrainian State University of Chemical Technology


The University carries out the enrollment according to all specialties on the base of acquired academic level of junior specialist (degree of junior bachelor) within short period of study. The enrollment is carried out according to full-time and distance form of study.


Students have the unique possibility to acquire the second higher education simultaneously.


The new form of improvement of student’s education quality, the international academic mobility, is approved at the State Higher Educational Institution “Ukrainian State University of Chemical Technology”. This program also includes “Double diploma”: students have the opportunity to get the master diploma of the University in Man city (France) along with the master diploma of the State Higher Educational Institution “Ukrainian State University of Chemical Technology”. It is the important constituent of the process of integration of higher educational institutions into the international educational system.




  • Chemical Technologies of Food Additives
  • Technical Electrochemistry
  • Environment-Oriented Chemical Technologies
  • Chemical Technologies of Inorganic Substances
  • Chemical Technologies of Rare Dispersed Elements and Materials based on them
  • Chemical Technologies of Organic Substances
  • Technologies of Pharmaceutical Products
  • Industrial Biotechnology
  • Chemical Technologies of Polymeric and Composition Materials Processing
  • Materials of Publishing and Printing Production
  • Chemical Technologies of Elastomeric Materials Processing
  • Chemical Technologies of the Fuel and Carbon Materials
  • Chemical Technologies of the Alternative Energy Resources
  • Equipment of Processing and Food Productions
  • Technical Management of Enterprises of Construction Materials and Chemical Productions
  • Chemical Technology of Cohesive Materials
  • Chemical Technology of Ceramics
  • Chemical Technology of Glass and Enamels
  • Technology and Design of Artistic and Decorative Products
  • Technologies of Machine Building
  • Computer-aided Design and Operation of Equipment for Processing of Polymeric Materials
  • Computer-aided Design of Industrial Equipment — —
  • Energotechnological Engineering of Chemical and Oil-Refining Enterprises
  • Field Engineering of Biotechnological and Pharmaceutical Productions
  • Heat Power Engineering
  • Corporate Economics
  • Finance and Credit
  • Corporate and Administrative Management
  • Innovation Management
  • Economic Cybernetics
  • Marketing
  • Automation and Computer-Integrated Technologies